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Laraine Ray

Certified Positive Psychology and Positive Intelligence™ Coach

Hello, I'm Laraine! Thank you for taking the time to explore Positive Insight! 


Throughout my life, I have been helping people reach their aspirations. I can’t wait to support you in reaching yours, from insight out!!


During my forty year career as a teacher, I strived to create relationships where my students, and their parents, felt understood and supported; a classroom where student voices were heard and creativity was encouraged; and an environment where each child had the opportunity to lean into their strengths and shine in their own way.


Today, I bring all of these values into my practice as a positive psychology coach. I shine a light on what is innately you, so that you can see within, gaining the insights you need so that you can lean into your best life.


Social emotional development has always been at the heart of my work, but the time came when I felt an undeniable pull to apply it in a new way. When I left the classroom, I became a student again, immersing myself in the field of positive psychology. Have you ever been nervous to try something new? I was definitely nervous about being a student after so many years, but soon realized that it was actually quite liberating. My love of learning was reignited! I have since earned two certifications through the Wholebeing Institute: one in positive psychology and the other as a positive psychology coach. I am also certified as a PQ Coach™ using the methods of Positive Intelligence®. My passion for positive psychology grows each day, as I see my clients achieve a greater sense of flourishing. I am delighted to bring it to you as we work together!

As your coach, I see you as being fully capable of achieving your goals. Not only will I see your strengths and uniqueness, I will help you see them too. I will meet you where you are, whether you have a clear sense of where you want to go or are just getting started. I will listen to your thoughts and ask questions that help you gain your own insights and lead you toward your own discoveries. All of this while encouraging you to stretch yourself, and cheering you on through successes and FAILS (First Attempts at Learning).

Ongoing Learning and Mastery

Aristotle said that “teaching is the highest form of understanding.” For me, mastery has meant stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unfamiliar. Each time I have taken a risk, I have been able to support others as an agent for change. Here are some examples that I am most proud of…

  • A robust 16-year teaching career at The Nueva School, a school for gifted students that is internationally recognized for its innovative approaches.

  • Developing three parent education programs to support parents of young, gifted children.

  • Presenting at world-renowned conferences on giftedness, curriculum, and mindset.

  • Mentoring dozens of new teachers over the years, using collaborative assessment methods that put teachers front and center with regards to their own learning.

Image by John Jennings

On a Personal Note...

  •  I live on the SF peninsula with my wonderful husband (and high school sweetheart) 

  • We have two grown sons who, gratefully, still love spending time with us! 

  • I never turn down a chance to do Zumba, TRX, or go hiking. 

  • I love to read historical fiction and positive psychology books, and my family teases me that I have a book in every room! 

  • I am at my best when using my creativity, and I can get lost in my art room for hours at a time! 

  • I am a recovering perfectionist, who has learned that there is a difference between wanting to master something, and knowing when it is best to say “good enough.” 

  • I love to look at things from different perspectives and talk them through as my husband patiently listens, whether he is interested or not. 

  • Each day, I try to live by my motto: "Lean in with curiosity and leave worries and what ifs behind." 


I'd love to hear your story!

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