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Coaching Packages
Customizable for Parents, Teachers, and Personal Milestones

I offer packages for a variety of needs. All of my coaching sessions are flexible and can be customized depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. Contact me so we can come up with your personalized coaching package together.


Package Options

Sessions are 50 minutes in length (excludes A la Carte)

New for Fall: Group Coaching for Parents of High School Seniors
Begins 9/29/22

Senior year brings a firehose of information and decisions. Whatever path your child chooses, gain the means to reduce your stress, empower your child’s internal motivation, and tap into ease and flow. Our 9-week group coaching (and mental fitness skill-building program) supports your wellbeing and connection with your child, empowering you to successfully navigate your relationship for years to come. 

  • 9 week fall program including:

  • 6-week Positive Intelligence® (PQ) mental fitness intensive + use of mental fitness program app for 1 full year ($995 value)

  • 9 live group coaching sessions, attended weekly via Zoom, recorded for your convenience ($900 value)

  • A private coaching session on a topic of your choice ($175 value)

  • A supportive community of no more than 10 parents in a group

More details on this package can be found here. 

Insight to Action
Six Sessions

Discover your strengths, define your goals, and begin action with this six session package. You will end this package having achieved a sense of direction and will have an initial roadmap for getting there. 

  • Free 30 min discovery call

  • Aware, Explore and Apply your strengths

  • Introduction to the CHANGE process

  • SPIRE Wholebeing Tool

See it Through
Eight Sessions

The See it Through package includes everything in the Insight to Action package plus:​​

  • Goal Mapping

  • Opportunity to reflect upon and iterate multiple action steps. 

  • A Custom Visualization

Engage Your Sage
Eight Sessions

Change takes time. Research has found that it takes eight weeks of consistent dedication to begin to change a pattern. This comprehensive  and powerful package includes everything in the See it Through program plus a seat in the 6-week PQ® program.​ This is especially helpful for clients who are trying to create lasting change. Quiet that inner critic and inner sabotage by creating new thought pathways through mental fitness. ​

  • Free 30 min discovery call

  • 8 one on one coaching sessions in an area of your choosing ($1250 value)

  • 6-week Positive Intelligence® (PQ) mental fitness intensive + use of mental fitness program app for 1 full year ($995 value)

A la Carte Activation Session
30 minutes

These short sessions are available to clients who have previously completed a package, but want to hone in on something specific. A la carte sessions are ideal when a client needs support with focus, organization, accountability toward an established goal. For those who have completed PQ®, theses sessions can help you tune into your Sage powers.

Need a longer session? 50 minute sessions are $175.


Did you find a package that suits your needs? Get in touch, so that we can talk details.