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Coaching for Educators

Renewal, Balance, and Growth

Let's face it. The teaching profession becomes more demanding with each passing year. Many teachers are feeling exhausted, ineffective, and conflicted about their futures. 


I have walked in your shoes. My experience as a teacher, both pre-pandemic and during, gives me insight as to what you do each day. I offer a safe and supportive space for you to prioritize your wellbeing. 

Do you feel overwhelmed, ineffective, and burnt out?

My process can help you find the needs behind these emotions and move towards fulfillment.


Do you want to fall in love with teaching again?

I can help you remember why you chose this profession to begin with and help you rediscover your passion, even during difficult times. 

Do you wish you could teach in a way that is more aligned with your philosophies, but don't know where to begin?

Let's work together to make a plan that is attainable and sustainable. 

Does classroom management feel like a full time job?

I have mentored many teachers over the years in developing approaches that cultivate intrinsic motivation in students, taking "management" out of the equation so that you can spend more time on the aspects of teaching you love. 

Or perhaps you are feeling the call to do something new, but aren't sure what it might be?

Coaching can help you identify your strengths, passions, and purpose and discover the infinite possibilities before you.  

Image by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE

I have walked in your footsteps

My Teaching Journey

Forty years is a long time to stay in one profession. Did I ever feel burned out?  YES! In fact, there were several times along the way when I was right where you are, worn out and wondering what my next step would be. When I started a family, I grappled with how to simultaneously be the mom I wanted to be AND the teacher I wanted to be. There were times in my career when I felt philosophical tension with trends in education or felt the heaviness of a plate too full. In addition, I struggled with the demands of teaching while living with an untreated autoimmune disease.  


I have found myself unchallenged, discouraged, and overwhelmed at different times, but each time, I was able to find my way through and fall in love with teaching again. When I finally did leave the classroom, it was a grounded decision rather than a reactive one. 


Let's figure out what kind of burnout you feel so that you can find that spark again!


There is no better time to invest in you.

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