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Parent  Coaching

Create a Thriving Relationship

Parenting brings both challenges and rewards, but there can be times when it  feels as though the challenges are in the forefront. You work hard to be the best parent you can be, but sometimes the path to that is unclear.  Emotions run high, and you can feel at a loss for how to achieve balance. You might react in the moment and end up feeing like you have failed. You are not alone. This is a normal feeling! You feel so strongly because your children matter to you.


Positive psychology coaching uses the science of human flourishing to build upon your successes, learning and growing as you go. Together, we will focus on what is strong rather than what is wrong, in order to help you achieve a family dynamic where everyone can thrive.

Image by Robert Collins

Raising children, I realized, is more than fixing what is wrong with them, it is about identifying and amplifying their strengths and virtues, and helping them find the niche where they can live these positive traits to the fullest.
Martin Seligman

 Taking Care of  You

Parenting is a demanding job, and parents are at their best when they feel a sense of balance and fulfillment. In our sessions, we will use the SPIRE model as a way to assess areas of your life that might need a bit of self-care. When you feel nourished, you have more to give to those you love. We will also identify your strengths, so that you can create a parenting style that maximizes success and feels authentic to you.

Aligning Your Values, Goals and Actions

No two families are alike. During our sessions, you will define your parenting goals as well as the values you hold dear. As we explore the uniqueness of your family, you will learn about child development, effective parenting, and the ALLIN model of relationships. Then you will identify personal action steps that are aligned with your values and will lead you toward a positive family dynamic. Each week, you will continue moving forward, while focusing on micro-goals and successes along the way.

A Safe Space

When it comes to parenting, we can be our own worst critics! Positive psychology coaching you in discovering an inner voice that is compassionate, supportive and wise. You will have a safe space in which to process, make mistakes, and re-evaluate as you journey toward your best parenting self, even during those more challenging moments!

There is no one right way to parent. There are no magic words that will make big feelings go away. The answers won't be found on social media. The answers can be found in you. Through this program, you will learn how to recognize them, and navigate them with more calm and confidence.​ As your coach, I will offer compassion, honesty, and encouragement. I will celebrate your efforts and ask open ended questions that allow you to discover your own insights and achieve you parenting goals. 

Parents of Gifted Children

Is your child gifted?  If so, then you are well aware that gifted children come with a unique set of characteristics and needs that require attention. Perfectionism, deep emotions, overthinking, and sensitivities are just a few aspects of giftedness. 
My sixteen year journey as a teacher at The Nueva School, a school that is recognized worldwide for its work with gifted students, has given me great insight into the minds of gifted children. As your coach, I can help you better understand your child's unique needs so that you can create an environment in which they can thrive. 


Are you ready to take the first step towards greater happiness at home?

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