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What do you want for your future? 
Make it a reality, from insight out!

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less burnout and more brightness

Lean into Your Strengths

Life doesn't come with a crystal ball, but coaching helps you see things more clearly so that you can take actionable steps toward your personal and professional goals.


Hi, I'm Laraine, and as a certified positive psychology and Positive Intelligence® Coach, I use evidence based methods to help my clients quiet inner noise and tune into their strengths and capabilities.


I will support you as you work to identify your goals, create a path for success, and take real steps toward the life you want, at home and at work. You will learn to turn off the negative voices that get in your way, while tuning into your inner wisdom so that you can make decisions from a place of connection.   


I offer coaching for teachers, parents, and individuals stepping into new phases of their lives. Your positive insight is already within you waiting to be discovered.

How Can I Help You?

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Personal Development Coaching

Are you facing a transition in your life that feels somewhat scary and unknown?  Do the decisions before you feel overwhelming? Is something keeping you from taking that first step forward?

Are you looking for more zest and balance your life? Have you been languishing when what you want to do is flourish?

Life takes us through many twists and turns. Some we choose, and others feel more like unexpected challenges we wish would disappear. 

I help people discover their strengths and build upon them so that they can navigate transitions and challenges with confidence. I also support clients as they move though these transitions toward their goals and dreams.  

With coaching, you’ll learn how to exert your power of choice in ways that help you thrive in all aspects of life. 

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Renewal and Growth Coaching for Educators

Do the current demands on you as a teacher feel insurmountable? Have you lost the passion for the career you were called to?  Do you find yourself stuck at a crossroads desperately needing something to change?


As educators, you have always given your heart and soul to your students, but the past few years have asked more of you than you could have imagined. Many teachers feel the way you do, burned out and not sure how long they can keep this up. You may even feel conflicted about returning or afraid of making the wrong decision. 


My coaching sessions can help you get clear about the root of your burnout, identify what you really need to turn things around, and make a plan for getting there.


If there is a chance that you can fall in love with teaching again, wouldn't you like to try? And if you have already made the decision to move on, but don't' know where to start, I can support you there too.


The answers are inside of you, but sometimes it helps to have someone shine a light so that you can see them more clearly. That's positive insight!  Connect with your inner wisdom and choose next steps that are right for you. 

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Strengths Based Coaching for Parents (Specializing in Gifted Children)


Do you feel like there is a better relationship waiting for you and your child, if you just knew how to build it? Do you feel as though you are stuck in a pattern that isn't working, wishing you could push the reset button?

Do you have a gifted child that you would like to better understand? 

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles you will ever have in life, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. You might be surprised to know that one of the first steps toward reaping those rewards is taking care of you. 

As your coach, I will use a strengths based lens to help you identify your values and create a parenting approach that allows you to align with these values in your day to day interactions and create a thriving relationship with your child.

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“Happiness is not out there for us to find. The reason that it’s not out there is that it’s inside us.”

Sonja Lyubomirsky

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